Daily Design Curation #5 —Fly in urinals

Bharat Apat
2 min readJul 17, 2019


This is simply a designer taking notes on medium and making them public. Like athletes train, dancers practice and priests pray, as a designer, I curate information for creatives. You can expect a diverse set of ideas and art forms from this series.

#13 Polezsky — Smiling Hunter

My Comments: Abstract and experimental. Can pick up some scenes for colour inspiration! It has a similar experience to psychedelic art, mostly because of it’s editing.

#14 Swiss Type Chinese Posters

My Comments: A fantastic collection of posters. Classic swiss typography style with Chinese scripts, great colours and compositions. This is a good resource for colours and graphic treatment.

#14 Fly In Urinals — Aiming To Reduce Cleaning Cost

‘Guys are simple-minded and love to play with their urine stream, so you put something in the toilet bowl and they’ll aim at that,’ says Reichardt. ‘It could be anything. I’ve seen a golf flag, a bee, a little tree. It just happens that at Schiphol it’s a fly.’

They drew a fly in urinals in Schiphol airport. It reduced spillage by 80% leading to a saving of 8% of the total budget for cleaning public toilets.

My Comments: No doubt a brilliant idea, a nudge solution! What I am really interested in is how this idea was thought of. This is a simple design but not a simple design process, and it’s not luck that they got this idea, they must be extreme lateral thinkers! I guess corporates understand the value of generating lateral ideas. In 2019, we have definitely cracked the ‘User Experience is important’ idea, when will we talk about lateral thinking?

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I am curating things for myself and making it public, just in case you find it helpful. My plan is to make a habit of curating and creating.

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